Holy smokes

CZ's Site is running fine!

Yep, it's true; after being on the net for close to 22 years I have finally gotten off my duff and typed up a bit of a web page. Better yet, I have moved it to a server that I will actually update! And now I've moved it to a server that should be able to handle things like upgrades.

So in the tradition of a guy who is a great network engineer, yet can't design a page for beans, here's a few links to get you started in understanding the CZ mind....

I'll also start updating these pages with my repair thoughts on US Electricar autos. Yes, I can fix them, yes they are worth a lot, yes they are probably the best electric cars you can find on the used market.

And yes, they will blow the doors off a Solectra "Force". There's really no comparison :-)

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